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Taking on 2010: Shamelessly Documenting My personal escapades and Misadventures

Taking on 2010: Shamelessly Documenting My personal escapades and Misadventures

Just just one Philadelphia girl’s outlook on life, enjoy, as well as the occasional poor decision. Arrive for trip while I record my activities with match.com, wanting to https://datingmentor.org/bhm-dating/ keep my new-year’s resolutions, as well as the insane arena of a Philadelphia middle school.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1. just what do you do this year which you’d never complete before?seriously tried out on the internet datingroad trip from the pacific northwest coastal highwaytaught summer schoolwent on manayunk bike racewent to maryland wine festivalkickball teams

2. Do you keep new-year’s resolutions, and certainly will you create extra for the coming year?1. healthier eating – stored tabs on ingesting from jan-may. crap hit the enthusiast during the summer, but my vegetable container and i are having a rather delighted lives with each other. so, check.2. finances – I didn’t actually render some headway as soon as you see totals, but significant costs emerged this present year (ccp sessions, moving, sleep). and that I don’t owe any further. We got tips getting that loan to pay them down as well.3. perhaps not blowing down guys – I must say I gave the internet internet dating thing an excellent chance. and at this time, circumstances appear to be on the upwards swing.4. we kept my personal site religiously through to the summertime, I am also attempting to revive it.

I am nevertheless implementing my resolutions for this approaching year.

3. Did individuals near to you give birth?I do not think so.

4. Did people close to you die?thank goodness, no.

5. What places do you go to?none in 2010. unfortunate. does portland matter?

6. what can you like to have actually in 2011 you lacked this year?a healthy relationship probably

7. just what go out from 2010 will stay etched upon your memory, and why?Nov sixth – Homecoming wasn’t such a thing amazing or grand, nevertheless was actually an especially remarkable times this current year, and that I will definitely remember they.Other happenings stick-out, however genuine schedules. I guess I just forget about them.

8. What was the biggest accomplishment of the year?getting back into pilates (after using like march-aug off) and running (after using may-oct off)weight training frequently twice weekly (beginning in approximately oct)

9. that was their biggest problems?the serial dating thing completely did not work-out.

10. Do you sustain diseases or injury?nothing out of the ordinary

11. What comprise the very best stuff you bought?my sleep!my brand new boots and cold temperatures applications

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?Jess and Candie, Becca and Julia for standing up for what they wanted/didnot want, plus everybody else exactly who managed to move on from something which was not healthy on their behalf

13. Whose conduct appalled you?how about arlene ackerman?

14. Where did your primary cash go?rent, credit card debt, CCP, snacks, liquor

15. just what did you see really, really, actually stoked up about?going to portland!happy hrs (whether or not these were some excessive)the looked at actually encounter a person who I am able to start to

16. just what song will usually advise your of 2010?taylor swift’s first albumJay Z – younger forevermichael buble

17. When compared to now last year, have you been:i. happier or sadder? sameii. finer or fatter? sameiii. richer or poorer? exact same

18. exactly what do you wish you’d complete more of?have gender

19. What do you wish you had complete a reduced amount of?eharmony

20. how could you be spending Christmas time and/or new-year’s?christmas eve got with karen and her familychristmas time ended up being with my aunt, candie, and victoria (and eve!)new years using the ingela

22. Did you belong fancy this season?nope

23. just how many one-night stands?none actually

24. What was your chosen television plan?the bachelor plus the bachelorette, followed by news female

25. can you detest any individual now that you did not hate now this past year?i cannot spend your time hating men and women

26. What was the best book you read?100 places every woman should go

27. That was your best musical finding?bittorrent

28. Exactly what do you want and get?teaching in a primary class

29. Just what did you need and not get?to shell out my personal debts off

30. What was your favorite movie of your 12 months?i cannot really respond to this concern

31. Just what do you manage on your own birthday?had a big party at my house. loads and a lot of enjoyable. making terrible ingesting behavior regarding tequila, brandy, wines, and beer that led to me personally maybe not ingesting alcohol any longer. and i forgotten my personal cardigan.

32. Just what a very important factor will have produced the seasons immeasurably as pleasing?more sex

33. How could your explain individual fashion concept this season?summer: dresses, tank best, plants, easy breezyfall/winter: leggings, skinny trousers, boots, tights, sweaters

34. Just what held you sane?Jess, happier hours, yoga/running/gym

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you stylish the absolute most?i’m employees edward, but jacob are smoking

36. Exactly what governmental issue stirred you the most?freakin battle to the top. goodness obama, I love you considerably now because of that.

37. whom did you overlook?my father

38. Who was simply the greatest new individual you satisfied?hard to answer

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back once again in the Wagon

Speak about falling-off on the wagon!

I have been seriously missing from my personal blogs! Concerning time we ended net matchmaking, I quit uploading. Better, folks – not simply performed I reactivate my OkCupid account, i’ve chose to inhale lifetime into my web log also.

In any event – and this is what i am carrying out loads smart. The performers tend to be close to brand-new improvements that I will be starting now.

Top (3×10, previously 2×15)

Lat extract DownMilitary PressOne equipped rowBench PressCurls**Pull Ups (equipment assisted)**Lateral Raises**Tricep Extensions/DipsAbs

Lower (3×10, earlier 2×15)

SquatsDead LiftsCalf lifts **(one foot)Lunges (earlier unweighted, including dumbells)Sumo SquatsBack ExtensionsAbs

Monday, Sep 3, 2010

Container Checklist

This has been an extended summertime, and that I will revise on my comings and goings fleetingly.

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