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Child Welfare

Child welfare is a set of government and private services that protects children and encourages family stability. These services include investigations of alleged child abuse, foster care, adoption services, and services that can provide support at-risk families so that they can remain intact especially in poorer countries where the government infrastructure is much weaker
             (Child Welfare 2003). However, there are many challenges that child welfare is facing due to lack of funding and resources. Some of these challenges come from child abuse, where parents’ rights come first rather than the child’s best interest. Another challenge is adoption because so many potential parents are rejected due to their race and more children are left limbo (Bartholet 1999).. There are solutions for these issues; however they remain unused, which puts child welfare into an unfair position. Despite the issues, there are still debates if gay adoption should be allowed because some people believe that lesbians and gay men encourage homosexuality even though there are others that believe that they can provide a stable home.